R. Pedlow

I run a choir in Stockton and myself and some of the members were involved with your Will Todd Fell Ponies project a few years ago at Middlesbrough Town Hall. These choir members still talk about how much they enjoyed being involved with the project…(and) how much they felt they achieved through participation and loved the concert at Middlesbrough Town Hall.

In July 2011, InterOpera presented Riverside Plays Opera. 

Penelope_Randall-Davis.JPGThink of opera and the image of a sumptuously-decorated, chandelier-lit theatre springs to mind. Ahead of us, the huge stage and the pit below, full of orchestral players…Then as the lights dim, the Maestro brings down the first beat and the curtains are drawn aside…we enter a world of drama and wild imaginings…Leave all sense of reality at home ...

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